Making a Difference Through Food

Social Good

It Started in Yonkers, NY

While attending the Culinary Institute of America, I applied for a summer job as a Chef Instructor , teaching children ages 8-11. I knew nothing about Yonkers, New York or the demographics. I just figured this job would be a walk in the park and some easy made money.  My job was to teach kids  how to make very simple things and teach them a bit about nutrition. I was not prepared for what I got out of the experience. Each day 12 kids came into my kitchen all from various cities within Westchester County at 8:30am and at lunchtime immediately ran to the vending machine or the fast food establishment across the street. Why weren't they eating the great healthy food that they had just finished cooking all morning? I knew I had to do something about that so I began to explain the very basics about food and where it comes from and how its grown and its nutritional value. I did the same with seasonings and spices. By the end of the second week I began to see a change in them. They were more inquisitive about what they were cooking and kids started eating what they had made or started bringing healthy options for lunch. It was then that I realized I could influence a child's life as it related to food.

I know what it's like to feel the positive effects of having adults truly care about you. This inspired my personal journey from the unseen to the seen. I am proud to partner with The Boys & Girls Club of Newark to work with both the kids and their parents through my passion for food.
How it Started...

As a Black woman, I grew  up during a time where "It takes a village" was in full effect.  I know and have experienced  the value of having someone care about your well being and your successes. Having the opportunity to partner with the Boys and Girls Club of Newark, New Jersey has given me the opportunity to now be that person who looked out for me when I was younger. I look forward to cooking with the kids and teaching them about Farm to Table, nutrition and table etiquette. Also I will have the opportunity to take part in the mentoring program for teenage girls. I will be partnering with a local celebrity to create an amazing event for the young ladies.
I could not be me if I did not volunteer my services and  take part in the planning of  celebratory events happening at the club.

The Boys & Girls Club of Newark

provides hundreds of children in Newark with a safe space to learn to make positive life choices, establish healthy habits, and develop academic skills. Our professionally trained staff provide the support, passion, and guidance to make sure every child has the opportunity to realize their full potential and grow into confident, successful young men and women.