Cooking has always been an integral part of my life. My childhood in San Francisco was spent watching both my mother and father cook delicious meals. I used to watch my mom go into the kitchen cabinets and pull out various bottles of seasoning and add them to whatever she was cooking, seemingly at random. I can honestly say that there were never any measuring spoons involved in the process. How was it that she knew just the right amounts to put in the food to make it taste magical? It was this inquisitiveness that would spark my love for food.

I have strived to share that magic and passion with my own two daughters, my family, my clients, and now, you.

Cooking Saved My Life

In 1996, as first, my mother, then father succumbed to cancer after long illnesses, I poured my love into the dishes I made for them. Food became the foundation of how I served each of them during their battles. After they had both lost their fight, I was feeling adrift. I was the youngest child and the pillars of my life were gone.

One early morning shortly after, watching TV and unable to sleep, an informercial about the Culinary Institute of America came on and changed the course of my life. I quit a comfortable career with a Fortune 50 company, packed up everything I had, and left behind my sunny California to attend the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. A school with few minorities at the time, it was a huge leap of faith.

I have been blessed with an amazing career and kept the forefront of my focus on making a difference through food. I have cooked privately for world-renowned entertainers, past Presidents, diplomats and government officials, and New York City's elite. As I look back, I recognize how food has not only played a role in so many facets of my life, but it has shaped me into the person that I am today. From the deep connection to each of my parents, to pulling me out of a deep depression, to now when it occupies an essential part of my life, cooking has been a central component.

Each time I approach a new recipe or project, I immediately see my mother standing in the kitchen gracefully preparing to make magic on the stove. It is that magic that humbles me to use this God-given talent of mine and the ability to share it with the world.

A Celebration from the
Unseen to the Seen.

I have always held a childlike wonder for the stages of a dandelion- which starts off as an often ignored weed, yet through a period of transformation and resiliency, becomes the coveted wish-making flower that is truly valued.


"When I'm cooking, I think about the connection between the food and what I want them to feel as they taste it. It's an experience."


"I strive to make a difference through food. I know what it feels like to go from a period of feeling unseen and finally reaching the point of being seen."


"It doesn't matter how much $ you spend on an event; it's guaranteed that something will go wrong. At that point, you have to laugh & adapt."

Jamie's Mission

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